The Quantum Integration Summit Speaker Package

Including all video interviews and BONUS Meditation

VIP Package only $47 (valued at $1150.000)

Don't miss the opportunity to put all this wisdom to work in your life--transformation is just a shift away!
For the price of an one-hour coaching session you receive:
~ All 8 speakers
~ And the "Re-Membering the Self" Meditation especially recorded for this event.

I've packaged the whole library of 8 speakers from the FREE ONLINE Quantum Integration Summit that occurred Wednesday, September 7th, 2022.
The good news is--this SPECIAL video event is still available. Take a listen to some of the most ground breaking experts in the field of self-development, personal growth, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality, as they answered the call, to expand and redefine reductionists views of the self, well-being, and what it means to be healthy, wealthy, and fully empowered.

When you purchase the VIP package, you claim the benefits of the timeless WISDOM that was shared that day,  offering new portals for conceptualizing and operating in a more complete, or holistic blueprint of the Self--one that can hold the "quanta" or sum total of our dynamic, lived experience.

Learn from the experts, to accelerate the expansion of your “Self,” to discover what it truly means to be healthy (whole), on every level of your life! ,

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.” 
                                                    ~Carl Jung

Adrienne Lopez, Host

Hi, I'm Adrienne!

I am committed to the transformation of consciousness and raising the level of awareness on the planet. One of the ways I do this is through my work as an Integrative Life Coach, where I guide clients through a process of re-integrating the different aspects of their consciousness that have become disowned, repressed, or fragmented at no fault of their own. We all pick up conditioning that produces unconscious ego survival structures and stress responses--but this is only a portion of who we truly are!

Integrative Healing is an approach I developed for clearing the "storehouse" of in-form-a-tion (individual and generational) that has been inevitably imprinted on the unconscious mind through our environment, culture, education and other sources of social conditioning. This produces unprocessed psycho-spiritual material that restricts, and ultimately, prevents the human organism from truly optimizing itself to 100% efficiency of its design. I support you in holding the space to make positive changes in those "stuck" areas of your life.

Over the last 30 years, I embarked on an internal, self-healing journey, to come home to myself, where meditation, yoga, and other self-awareness modalities played a big part.​ Having benefited so much from my own 23-year meditative and yogic practice, I have followed the call to share it with others. I started off as a Certified Mindfulness Educator, facilitating countless hours of mindfulness instruction in public schools, with students, parents, school staff, and my surrounding community since 2015. 

​I am now a Quantum Life Coach, a yoga teacher, energy healer, transpersonal hypnotherapist and clairvoyant intuitive serving as a tour guide of sorts, sharing my knowledge, wisdom, and experience of the terrain with other inner voyagers! It is my honor and pleasure to guide people through the process of transforming their consciousness, to heal limiting beliefs, unhealthy ways of relating, and self-defeating behaviors, so they can more fully access their authentic power, potential, and gifts. I find, that behind all the trappings of desire, what most people truly long for is an unshakeable sense of peace and belonging that is the foundation of wellness on every level of our being.

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